Finally, a user testing tool that lets you leverage your own users.

Usernova is a user testing tool that allows you to experience how your own customers are using your SaaS product. In just a few clicks, you can create user tests for a specific segment of your customer base and get video and voice recordings from them in just a few hours.

Private and secure
We automatically hide sensitive information in the video recordings.
Segment your customers
Get useful and constructive feedback directly from your customers.
Analyze your user tests
Get videos and voice recordings in a format that is easy to digest with tools designed to help you get the most out of your results.
Made for SaaS businesses
With our overlay-based solution, it’s easy to test your SaaS with existing users.
Empower your teams
Get useful feedback and start planning product improvements and future development.
Simple two-click setup
Quickly add our lightweight code snippet on your SaaS product.

Discover how your customers feel about using your product or service.

Effective user testing sessions with your own users.

Skip the process of sourcing and recruiting users with similar attributes as your customer base. Since your users already have accounts, they can perform 99% of tests themselves—resulting in a more useful output for your organization.
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user testing sessions with your own customers
Get feedback from your own customres

Real insights from real users

Learn how your customers are using your SaaS product and how they feel about through direct voice and video recordings.
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Analyze with session replay and written feedback

Easily watch and listen to feedback from customers who run the user tests. Share notes with your teams and start building a better product.
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You can watch and listen feedback from your customers and users.
Usernova is a user testing tool for B2B SaaS.

Built-in right in your SaaS product

With our overlay-based solution, we make it easy to test your SaaS app with existing or new users.
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How user testing with Usernova works

Create a Test
Select what UX flow or experience you want to test and create the task directly on our dashboard.
Segment your customers
Get accurate and useful feedback by filtering users by demographics, long-term value or by the plan they are subscribed to.
Review the recordings
Begin reviewing the voice and video recordings from your customers—and learn directly from their feedback.

Run remote user testing sessions with your customers

Set up in minutes. See feedback within hours. Gain insight forever.