Top 7 Reasons why every SaaS Company should Perform User Tests

Some SaaS companies overlook the benefits of user testing. Some barely know how it works. So let’s dive into what usability testing is and why every SaaS company should perform it.
Benjamin Perko
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User testing software is a busy space, just like Shibuya crossing in Tokyo

SaaS usability testing today not only plays a huge role in software development and marketing, but is a game changer for business growth.

Why usability testing? It’s because usability tests provide you with qualitative data to gauge participant’s satisfaction with your product and if your alternative designs outperform your existing solutions.  In today’s world, you cannot rule out the importance of positive user experience. Will you approach a restaurant where you have had unappetizing food in the past? The majority of the answers would probably be “NO.”

The user experience can make or break a SaaS company. A few minutes of downtime in an app, for example, can mean lost company revenues, dissatisfied customers, and damaged reputation. According to Appdynamics, mobile app users do not have much patience for poorly-performing apps, and  86% of people uninstalled at least one app due to problems with its performance.

Despite this, a lot of SaaS companies overlook the benefits of user testing. Some barely know how it works. These are the things that you need to know. So let’s dive into what usability testing is and why every SaaS company should perform it.

What is User Testing?

User testing is asking your customers to complete tasks that borders on your product usage, its features and functions in order to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

You can keep your customers from canceling their subscription or abandoning your product by identifying what isn’t working for them and fixing those issues. Moreover, no product is an island of perfection. There are always areas to update and customize.

A good example is Duke Energy. With continuous user tests in their first year, Duke Energy developed and delivered software that quickly improved their customer experience, modernized the energy grid, and enabled a smarter energy future.

Products or services with limited problems will earn customers' trust.

Typical user testing questions are:

  • How frequently do you engage in our product?
  • What features do you use most?
  • What do you use our website or software for?
  • Are you satisfied with our workflow?
  • How do you fix an issue?
  • Do you consider yourself using software that helps to solve a problem?
  • Are you willing to pay to fix a problem?

There are many reasons that you should garner feedback from users or customers.

Reasons why Every SaaS Company Should Perform User Tests

1. Conversion and Sale

If you want to boost conversion rates, carrying out product analytics and using user feedback as a basis for product development are invaluable. User tests lets you see what your customers really think of your site or app, so you can figure out where users get lost and what they like most. Additionally, a great conversion rate means more sales and revenue for your business. Statistics show that "companies who utilize the user-centric design methods see a 228% higher ROI."

2. Provides Valuable Insights on your Customers and their Needs

Usability tests are incredibly important not only for increasing conversions but also to understand your target customers and what they want from you and your business.

If you fail to ask users what they think, you risk letting your assumptions about how users will respond to your product get in the way of actually finding out. You can never be too sure about your product offerings and how your target users would respond to it. So, if you want to settle on an answer and move past the lingering uncertainties that come with launching a new product, do some usability testing.

3. Provides Data Points that you can use to improve your SaaS Offering

User testing involves creating a prototype typically with a few functionalities tailored to assess a specific concept. It could be a beta app or software that can be replicated. Once users assess it and register their feedback, you have a better understanding of their habits and preferences.

So if you are a SaaS company and you haven't set usability tests going, you're losing out on a great opportunity to create a better interface, greater ease-of-use, increase your customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

4. Helps you Provide Optimum User Experience

What SaaS company wouldn't opt for a flawless user experience for both existing and new users? The answer would be 'None.' The big question is, how can you tell if you are on the right track?  What are people's perceptions of the ease-of-use and efficiency of your UX and software?  Do they feel motivated to navigate it further or feel the need to explore other apps?

One sure-fire way is to carry out some tests. That way, you can figure out an ample amount of usability flaws and make corrections if necessary.

To boot, when you tailor your products to what you have identified in the tests, your company will record massive success. There is no SaaS company without a  user base and that's why you need to make it a point of duty to optimize their experiences.

5. Saves Money and Time

I am pretty sure that you're processing how user testing for SaaS can save time and money. In fact, you are tempted to dispel this assertion because in your opinion, it doesn't. Considering the long-term benefits, you may be wrong.

Usability tests can help you to guard against expensive mistakes now rather than in the long run. The longer you postpone your product problems, the more time it takes to fix them.

So while SaaS user testing will take some of your time, curtailing these problems now will minimize time in the long run.

In the same vein, finding a problem early is often cheaper than solving it at the last minute.

6. Users Test Help to Inform your Target Users

It’s important you remember that your target users are probably oblivious of what makes your product/application tick and so will have different assumptions about how your program works than you do. Who can blame them? It’s your responsibility to carry them along.

Through usability tests, target users get a better understanding of how your products work and figure out what you are set to improve and remove. This way, you also improve your retention rate.

7. Get Design Ideas in Solving Problems

When you let your target customers test drive your product, they can help you see ways to improve your product or develop entirely new products that serve the same need.

For example, you may begin to prototype a new process to lower the time it takes to discover a product. Halfway through the test, you might discover that most users prefer to search instead of using your prototype.

Once you collect honest feedback from your users, you can get more innovative with new ideas and make relevant improvements to the system.


Software as a service (SaaS)  has a lot to offer. By managing problems like software maintenance, SaaS can offer productivity. However, ensuring that these digital platforms provide the best customer experience to the users is critical for every SaaS company looking to earn credibility and boost income.

User testing is a powerful tactic for all SaaS companies because it helps them to promptly discern the needs of users. For instance, you could figure out whether your UX and other aspects of your service meets the expectations of users. That way, you could lead you or your team towards building a more user-centric application. With Usernova, you can run user tests with your own users, inside your own SaaS product. Start now for free!

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