Are You Making Correct Product Decisions Using Paid User Testers?

Usernova is a user testing tool that allows you to get video and voice recordings from your own customers so you can understand how they are using your product, how they feel about it and what things could be improved to better meet their needs.

User testing session with your own customers.

Professional testers are not your users!

Traditional user testing platforms claim to use a “pool of testers” for their service—but they actually use a pool of professional paid testers who say what the client wants to hear. They don’t offer useful, honest results because they aren’t regular customers—they have no skin in the game.
They test for the money
They make money for each test taken—they focus on volume, not accurate responses.
They are not your users
They are not the right persona for your B2B SaaS.
They are tech-savvy
They don’t represent your average customer and spend all day doing user tests.
They are professionals testers
They don’t provide accurate results because they take numerous tests for money.
They say what you want to hear
They don't provide you with critical feedback, which makes the test useless.
They haven’t experienced your product
They will not provide accurate and useful feedback because they don’t use or understand your product.
They lack expertise
The have little to no knowledge of your product or service.
They create privacy issues
They leave you vulnerable to privacy issues due to non-secure testing environments.
They are more expensive
They cost $50 per user test on average—you can start with us for free!

Meet Usernova—a user testing tool made for your SaaS

GDPR- & CCPA-ready

We value the privacy rights of our clients and their customers. For your protection, we mask all sensitive and personal information so the recordings are private.
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Private by design.
Get private videos from your own customers.

Capture more context about your own customers

Our powerful user segmentation tools allow you to filter your customer base by demographics, long-term value, subscription plan and more! These custom features allow you to obtain video and voice recordings from specific customers.
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Setup in minutes

Add our lightweight code snippet to your SaaS product or connect to us with your existing tools.
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Empower your team with accurate user insights

For Product Managers
Bring the end user’s voice to early product decisions and communicate easily with stakeholders.
For Product Designers
Quickly build, share and gather actionable data from users to efficiently support wider product team requirements.
For User Researchers
Democratize testing across your organization to empower product teams. Usernova gives you the  tools to test early and make informed product development decisions.

See for yourself the difference in Usernova user testing tools

What to know more about Usernova and see it in action? See how it works right now!
Create a test
Select what UX flow or experience you want to test and create the task directly on our dashboard.
Segment your customers
Get accurate and useful feedback by filtering users by demographics, long-term value or by the plan they are subscribed to.
Review the recordings
Begin reviewing the voice and video recordings from your customers—and learn directly from their feedback.

Run remote user testing sessions with your customers

Set up in minutes. See feedback within hours. Gain insight forever.